Kids Bedroom Ideas

Friday, 12 June 2015  |  Admin

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Does planning your child’s bedroom fill you with immediate panic on where to start and what bank to rob! Fear not, we have some practical helpful hints to get you started!

  • Let’s start with the child …you have the answer sitting in front of you…. ! It is great fun to involve your little one into the overall process, getting inspiration on their likes and dislikes! Taking into account their hobbies & interests is a great way to start with a theme or colour scheme for the room.
  •  Planning your child’s bedroom, you need to think practically how the room is going to be used, is it where you child will study and do his homework? Will it primarily be a space for them to play. Is there an option that you might want to move another child into the space at a later date? These are all consideration to think of before you start planning properly!
  •  Floor Plan, it is good advice to draw out the exact measurements of the space to include existing furniture such as wardrobes etc into the floor plan so you can see what room is left and how best to utilize this. Fine tune your plan to remember that you will need to think how the bedroom door opens back, how much space you have when wardrobe doors are opened etc.
  •  The Bed, start with the largest piece of furniture that you will need to position, beds are normally placed up against a wall or in a corner. If you decide to look at the option of a double bed and your room is large enough then placing it in the center can give the room a dynamic feel. Work the rest of your furniture next down to the smallest piece.
  •  Desk – positioning a desk is a great idea, if you have decided that space is a challenge look at the options of a Mid Sleeper or High Sleeper where a desk can either fit underneath or a roll out desk can be positioned to the side maximizing space. If you have a wall behind the desk look at some neat shelving to balance this work area while also providing key storage for books etc.
  •  Storage -looking at storage is high on any parents wish list, every parent loves the idea of walking into their child’s room and finding it clutter free. Here is the easy bit, there are so many options of storage it is just deciding on the best solution from a size and budget point of view. Look at baskets/storage bins/bookcases/chest of drawers. If you decide on baskets/storage bins, make it fun by labelling them to encourage your child to clean up after themselves. Bookcases are a wise investment to store books & toys, most are wide enough to also take fabric storage containers.
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